Restoration of the Latona Fountain

The fountain project, taking it apart to go back in time
For several years, the structure of the central water basin which supports the statues and the fountain network was seriously weakened by wear on its original foundations. Wearing over time has also affected the structure’s watertightness and dirtied the marbles and statues.  
Le bassin de Latone avant restauration
The Latona Fountain before restoration - © EPV / Thomas Garnier
A project for dismantling and reassembling the fountain with the original materials
The whole fountain needed emergency restoration, especially as the Latona Fountain is an essential crossroads supplying the lower fountains, collecting water from the basins on the terraces.
This major, long-awaited project was finally undertaken in 2012 thanks to sponsorship from Fondation Philanthropia. Carried out under Pierre-André Lablaude, head architect for France’s Historical Monuments, the project comprised 3 major phases:
Dismantling the sculptures, marbles, masonry and piping
First of all, the entire basin structure was dismantled, component by component, including the 73 statues and the inside piping networks, not to mention the marble facing, the lead fountain basins and the masonry.
Dépose des sculptures en plomb
Removal of the lead sculptures - © EPV / Thomas Garnier
Restoring the components in the workshop
All these components were then sent to the workshop to be restored thanks to the expertise of the artisans, workers and technicians working to save this heritage – masons, stonecutters, marble and metal restorers, gilders and fountain engineers, etc.  
Dépose des marbres
Removal of the marbles - © EPV / Thomas Garnier
Reassembly of the Latona fountain

Finally, after painstaking reassembly of all the restored components, the Latona fountain, one of the oldest and largest in the Gardens of Versailles, will be returned to its original splendour.
Future appearance of the restored basin
Future appearance of the restored basin- © Pierre-André Lablaude
Showcasing the engineering trades
During the renovation work, the Palace of Versailles invites you to discover the exceptional work of the artisans, workers and technicians at several events organised on the site during which you can attend demonstrations of their expertise.
Here you can visit the audiovisual room where a series of films covers the different phases of the work; you can also look out the windows of the Arts and Crafts Workshop to admire the skills of the fountain engineers at Versailles. Watch live as the major restoration work continues on the cast iron and lead piping, notably on the “spider”, an exceptional feat of technical engineering that makes up the very hydraulic heart of the Latona fountain, out of which many pipes emerge to form the wealth of the Basin’s water displays.

Live update on the restoration work

Follow the progress on the restoration live via the timeline of the project’s events.

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